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Strategy is important in any investment. Long-term, short-term, speculation are different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. None of these is just buying a lottery ticket.

Take advantage of the strategies developed by our analysts. Automate the investment process with our tool.

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Simultaneous Stop Loss and Take Profit

We secure your capital in the event of a sudden drop in price with a stop loss order, and at the same time take profit order takes care of your profit.

Grid trading

The Order Grid allows you to safely and easily create advanced strategies based on multiple orders.

Traling (Trailing Stop and Trailing Take Profit)

Thanks to dynamically moving orders, your strategies react to sudden changes in the rate, maximizing profits and securing the profit already made.

Possibility of total investment automation

You don't have to worry and spend hours on checking the charts, we offer the possibility to automatically run strategies defined by our analysts.

Privacy and security

Your accounts on exchanges remain safe - we do not ask for your login details. Access is required via API keys that only allow the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. You can only withdraw funds directly on the exchange.

On servers your data is stored in an encrypted version unreadable to third parties.

We do not publish private users' data without their permission.

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Are my funds safe?

Security is a priority for us and we built this platform based on this idea. Trading orders are executed on your behalf by the exchange so we do not require withdrawal rights. Transactions are secured by the exchange. The application is connected with an API (application programming interface) key, which is stored on our server – encrypted, and therefore useless for third parties.

You must take into account the risk associated with investing. You may lose some or even all of your funds.

Do I need to transfer my funds?

No. None of your funds are transferred to They remain invariably on the exchange. You have full control over them all the time and you can make deposits and withdrawals from the exchange level.

How much can I earn?

The role of our platform is to improve the game on the stock exchange by mediating in issuing orders. Certainly, Cryptoduck increases the chances of success of the strategy many times over due to special features not available directly on the exchange, but we are cannot guarantee the profit. The cryptocurrency market is a very dynamic market. We encourage you to play only with money you are willing to lose.

Will I be able to use the app without training?

When creating our application, we set ourselves the goal of building a tool that is simple and intuitive to use. You can start with a few basic features or take advantage of many optional settings. The tool is explained with each function to make learning easier. It will take no more than 10 minutes to prepare the account to run.

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